The Figure of Ma Kyal Sin / Angel- A Student Shot Killed during the Myanmar Coup Demonstration

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Ma Kyal Sin is only 19th years old girl. Because of her courage, her death was spoken of in various countries.

Ma Kyal Sin herself is known to have participated in the demonstration as a form of criticism towards the Myamnar military for ending the coup period. In several photos circulating on social media, Angel is said to be a young person who is fearless. In fact, the owner of the Chinese name, Deng Jia Xi, is known as one of the figures who took part in protecting other protest participants.

The death of Angel due to being shot in the head by the Myanmar military has also become a public spotlight. The death of Kyal Sin or Angel in protests against the coup in Myanmar, attracted world attention. She was died of being shot in the head on street in Mandalay

Kyal Sin’s death attracted attention because of his brave figure and was not afraid to demand justice.

The following are touching facts about the figure of Kyal Sin quoted from and other sources:

  1. have the ability to taekwondo

Not only known as a brave girl when participating in demonstrations, Ma Kyal Sin is known to be an expert in the martial arts of taekwondo.

In fact, he is quite active in studying and uploading moments when he practices taekwondo through his personal Facebook account. Not only that, Angel is also said to have won a taekwondo competition.

2. She was a dancer and Singer

Not only skilled in martial arts, Angel also has talent in dancing and singing. She is known to be active as a dancer in the DA-Star Dance Club Mandalay.

Through the YouTube channel Angel – Kyal Sin, on 9 September 2020, She has just released her first single under titled No Reason. The video clip, starring directly by Angel., was filled with prayers and condolences from netizens.

3. Growing up in a simple family

Angel is known to come from a simple family. Reporting from the Facebook account The Praise KH, the father of Ma Kyal Sin is a hair barber.

n fact, in several photos circulating on social media, Angel’s father is seen tying a red ribbon on her arm and giving his daughter his blessing to participate in a demonstration demanding the end of the Myanmar military coup.

IThe father of Kyal Sin who gave his blessing to the child also hoped that his daughter could return safely. The reason is, Ma kYal Sin is known as the only child of his family.

When the dead body of Kyal Sin reached home, the father of Kyal Sin was seen accompanying the coffin while still wearing the same shirt while tying the red ribbon around his daughter arm.

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